European businesses call for less regulation

Unice, the European employers’ body, has called for an open debate on alternatives to legislation to shape future policy in Europe.

At Tuesday’s internal market forum organised by the Euroepan Commission with the French Presidency and the European Parliament, Erik Jonnaert of Procter & Gamble, chairman of Unice’s working group on consumer affairs said, “Where yesterday we lived in the black and white world of legislation versus free market, today we are entering a much greyer world of soft law in which regulation, self-regulation and co-regulation are different ways to reach policy objectives.”

Unice said it applauded commission initiatives which aim to explore new avenues for creating framework conditions which take into account the globalisation of the economy and the dynamics created by a fast evolving information society.

Unice is looking to join forces with civil society stakeholders in Europe to agree on the right framework for the development of new forms of regulation in Europe.

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