Expats train to nurture top foreign talent

BP is training its expatriate managers working in emerging markets such as
Vietnam to coach local workers to give them more autonomy and improve

The company believes coaching can make it more competitive, and in some
territories has already built coaching competence and aptitude assessments into
its recruitment and selection programmes.

Judith Luberski, learning and development manager with BP, said that to
qualify for some assignments, expatriate employees will be expected to take the
new coaching training and demonstrate they have coached someone effectively in
the past.

The training programme is being developed with the help of consultants Lloydmasters,
which has developed a range of courses to increase coaching competency.

In emerging markets such as Vietnam, Algeria and Azerbaijan, the coaching
initiative is being used to support BP’s philosophy of hiring local staff over
ex-pats wherever possible.

Luberski said this will eventually save money and lead to the acceleration
of local staff development and responsibilities.

She said BP recognises that coaching is a critical to business success and
has set clear expectations for individuals to develop and use the skill.

"Executive and middle leadership development programmes will continue
to put strong emphasis on this skill, and for our technical specialists, we are
starting to offer them coaching masterclass training," she said.

"A little coaching here and there can make a big impact."

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