Explicit e-mail lands city worker with disciplinary action

City worker is facing disciplinary action after an explicit e-mail she wrote to
her boyfriend at work was forwarded around the world, reports The Times.

Dyson, a manager at careers advice company Hobsons, was working in Australia
when she sent an e-mail to her boyfriend in London, which also contained
disparaging remarks about her job.

was then forwarded to thousands of inboxes after Dyson accidentally clicked
‘reply all’, and sent it to 30 of her boyfriend’s friend and colleagues.

bosses eventually read the e-mail, in which she complained of having to write
"sucky thank you e-mails to clients".

Simmons, communications manager at Hobsons, said: "We will be dealing with
it as a private matter. We have staff procedures in place to deal with any
incidents of this nature."

By Mike Berry

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