Family comes first for three-quarters of workforce

of working parents put family friendly working hours ahead of other benefits
such as health insurance and pensions, according to a new survey published
today to coincide with the launch of the Working Families charity.

what benefits they would prefer, 44 per cent said they would like flexible
working hours, 30 per cent said a shorter working day, 14 per cent wanted gym
membership, 4 per cent maternity and paternity leave, 4 per cent pensions or
life insurance and 2 per cent health insurance.

how they would spend an extra hour in their day, 62 per cent said they would
spend more time with their family and 34 per cent wanted time on their own.
Just one person (a mother of two) would spend more time at work.

Families chief executive Sarah Jackson said: "We know that long working
hours are no good for business or productivity, and that they damage our health
and family life. It’s time for a new family friendly working agenda to match
the changing face of British family life.

want to see more opportunities for people to work flexibly, more flexible care
services and an end to the long-hours culture that means that a third of
fathers hardly see their children during the working week".

Families was formed after the merger of the two leading charities campaigning
for work-life balance – Parents At Work and New Ways to Work.

By Quentin Reade

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