Favourite blogs

HR Ambience

This is a useful blog – and don’t let the white text on a black background, or the oddly formal English, put you off. Indian blogger Madhusmita Swain, is based in Hyderabad, and looks at HR with a fresh eye. He’s one of life’s thinkers, and a bit of a philosopher, so while this isn’t a blog for someone looking for practical advice, there are plenty of thought-provoking comments. Read this and you may go away ready to rethink your approach to HR.


US-based recruiter Phil Wilson uses this blog to flog (couldn’t resist it) his product, but ignore the constant references to it and enjoy the content. He knows his stuff, and has some good points to make. Some of it may be obvious, but it’s the sort of advice that is often overlooked, such as walking a job candidate around the office to get a feel for whether they’d fit in, or paying more than lip service to an applicant’s soft skills.

McArthur’s Rant

It’s hard not to love a blog with ‘rant’ in the title – even before you start reading. Northwich-based Scott McArthur is an HR consultant, and according to his biography, his star sign is Pisces and he was born in the Chinese year of the horse. In between reading his horoscopes, he blogs roughly every other day, so the information here is up-to-date and topical. This is a well laid out and attractive blog, with good content and links to a wide range of blogs and sites elsewhere.

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