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Profile: James Alderman, head of personnel and training, Michelin

24 Jun 2010

Michelin, producer of tyres and restaurant guides, is such a quintessentially French brand that few are aware of its UK operations, dating back to 1905. Yet generations of families have worked for the company, and ties remain strong long after staff leave. Tara Craig meets head of personnel and training James Alderman to hear why it's 'all about the people'.

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The Intelligent Company: Five steps to success with evidence-based management

1 Jun 2010

Author: Bernard MarrISBN: 0470685956Author Bernard Marr is, his book tells us, “a leading global authority and best-selling author on organisational...

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Blog of the week: Four hour work week

19 May 2010

Four hour work weekThis rather attractively titled blog is based on author Tim Ferriss’s award-winning book of the same name. There...

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Friday podcast: the Election, BA cabin crew and World Cup plans at Tesco

7 May 2010

HR news and analysis, including:

The general election result and the potential impact on employers and the workforce
British Airways...

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Should bosses get big pay rises?

15 Apr 2010

NHS bosses received a near 7% pay rise in 2008-09, more than twice as much as nurses, a survey has...

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Blog of the week: Corn on the job

6 Apr 2010

Corn on the jobThis is another American blog, but that shouldn’t be a problem – the author’s enthusiasm for benefits...

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Budget 2010: 10 things employment groups want

17 Mar 2010

10 things employment bodies want from the Budget (and how likely they are to get it)

1 Tax-raising alternatives to...

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UK general election: what would a hung parliament mean for employers and employees?

11 Mar 2010

The prospect of a hung parliament – where no political party has an overall majority – is looming. But what would it...

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The death of modern management: How to lead in the new world disorder

1 Mar 2010

Author: Jo OwenISBN: 047068285XThe cover picture of a resigned but bleary-eyed manager type wedged in an old-fashioned metal bin caught...

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Blog of the week: Employment buddy

22 Feb 2010

Employment buddyIn February 2009, I reviewed fledgling blog Employment Buddy, and declared it “one to watch”. It was at an early...

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How to get value from your supplier

18 Feb 2010

The employee assistance programme (EAP) comes perilously close to what number crunchers might see as a luxury. Yet surely there...

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Corporate manslaughter: new guidelines for sentencing

18 Feb 2010

With the first corporate manslaughter case due to be heard next week, the Sentencing Guidelines Council has just announced new...

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Profile: Tony Leahy, head of HR and communications, Bank of Cyprus UK

11 Feb 2010

Tony Leahy, Bank of Cyprus UK's head of HR and communications, found himself onstage twice at November's Personnel Today Awards, collecting a gong for reward and recognition, as well as the overall winner award. Tara Craig meets him.

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Childcare costs rise at twice the rate of inflation

10 Feb 2010

The cost of childcare has risen well above the rate of inflation, according to the Daycare Trust’s ninth annual childcare...

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On the move: Kate Tilley, Steve Smith, Annie Paydar, Gail Motton, Sabine Hansen Peck, Sarah Wickenden, Clare Hayler

8 Feb 2010

Design, engineering and management consultancy WSP UK has promoted Kate Tilley to HR director. Tilley has 10 years’ HR experience...

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