Female secretaries prefer male bosses

idea of the boss and his lady secretary may sound a little old fashioned, but
the overwhelming majority of female personal assistants prefer working for a
male manager, according to research.

survey of female PAs working in the City found that an overwhelming 89 per cent
considered male bosses easier to work for.

in a move that seems to shatter feminist sisterhood, not a single person in the
sample of 130 PAs rated female bosses easier to work for than their male

11 per cent pointed out that it was impossible to generalise on gender alone.

poll by recruitment consultants Joslin Rowe also discovered that a third are
now educated to degree level, and three-quarters say they enjoy a good
relationship with their manager.

84 per cent of PAs feel their manager could not do without them, while 86 per
cent say their boss’s job holds no appeal whatsoever, describing it as
"dull, with too much pressure and hassle".


By Ross Wigham

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