Females in finance feeling good about prospects

than two-thirds of women in the finance sector believe they have the same
career opportunities as their male counterparts, according to new research.

finance sector has been dogged by stories of gender disparities, with pay gaps
reaching 40 per cent and female staff complaining of male-dominated cultures.

the poll of 121 senior female investment banking professionals by recruitment
consultants Parker Bridge found 68 per cent rated their general career
prospects as equal to a man. Almost two-thirds felt their overall reward
package was likely to be the same as that enjoyed by a male colleague
performing the same duties.

Parker, team manager of Parker Bridge’s banking division, said: "We have
found that clients are much more concerned about recruiting talent – in my
experience, the issue of gender just doesn’t arise and the majority of firms we
deal with are very meritocratic in their approach."

survey showed the great majority felt that, not only are there more women
entering the sector than ever before, but also that work-life balance is now an
issue for both genders – not just women.

survey findings:

42 per cent of respondents advocated a wider introduction of formal career breaks
to allow for pregnancy and the bringing up of young children

44 per cent called for flexible hours to fit in with family commitments

34 per cent would like to see improved assistance with childcare, in the form
of either in-house or sponsored nurseries.

By Michael Millar

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