Firms count cost of over-indulgence

More than three-quarters of employers in the UK believe alcohol consumption
contributes to absenteeism and under-performance in the workplace.

A survey of 289 HR professionals by Croner Consulting also finds people in
employment are likely to drink more heavily than those not working.

It says one in four male employees regularly drinks over the recommended
weekly alcohol limit, while only one in seven female workers overindulges.

Richard Smith, consultant on employment law at Croner Consulting, said he
was surprised at the low number of companies monitoring sick days, even though
they suspected alcohol is to blame for absence.

However, another survey finds drinking in moderation with workmates is
beneficial – increasing networking opportunities.

The Stirling University survey, based on an ongoing study of 17,000 people
born in 1958, finds moderate drinkers earn an average of £13,780 a year –
£2,000 more than teetotal counterparts.

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