Firms must not forget ‘soft’ side of IIP

Employers are putting too much emphasis on winning Investors in People
status rather than considering the cultural benefits of the process, according
to research.

The report by the Open University Business School claims too many
organisations focus on the hard, structural side of the IIP process, which
undermines the development of softer, cultural aspects.

If measurement, badge-collecting and hard learning are allowed to dominate
the process, managers will simply aim to satisfy the criteria for assessment,
claims the report.

Dr Scott Taylor, co-author of the report, believes there are important
benefits. "It forces companies to look at training and development, which
is a good thing. It can be useful for HR managers in terms of career
management" he said.

The research is based on six organisations that have been through the IIP

More than 24,000 organisations have achieved recognition and it is supposed
to provide a framework for improving performance through HR development.

An IIP spokesperson said, "It isn’t possible to get the award unless
there is clear evidence that an organisation is committed to and carries out
effective training and development to meet business needs."

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