Firms predict rise in government red tape

Three-quarters of business
decision-makers believe that Government red tape and bureaucracy are on the
increase, according to joint research by HSBC bank and the British Chambers of

The I in Business
Survey 2001 shows that new companies – such as dotcoms – are less aware of
bureaucratic overkill, while older organisations are likely to be more attuned
to legislation.

The survey also found
that 49 per cent of business managers say they are putting in longer hours than
they were five years ago, and 51 per cent concede that new technology has not
eased their workload.

Stretched human
resources are adding to the pressures many businesses are facing, claims the

Manufacturing and
older businesses are experiencing the greatest difficulty in finding the right

Recruitment is less
problematic for businesses that are harnessing the latest technology,
specifically those with an Internet presence.

Ian Fletcher, head of
policy at the British Chambers of Commerce, said, "This highlights the
difficulties that owners and directors are having in balancing their work and
leisure time and dealing with the regulatory burden on business."

Nearly 6,200 UK
business managers participated in the research, which asked them about their
motivation, workload, and business performance. Twenty per cent of those
surveyed had more than 100 employees.

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