Firms ready to face that Monday morning feeling

Employers say they are prepared to deal with any outbreak of
"Mondayitis" following the Government’s decision to allow nightclubs
to open on Sundays.

The Keep Sunday Special campaign has warned that removing the 220-year-old
ban on Sunday dancing will put pressure on young people to stay out late,
rendering them worse for wear on a Monday morning.

The change in law, announced by the Home Office last week, allows alcohol to
be sold in nightclubs to 12.30am on Monday morning.

"We have a fortnightly absence report," commented James Laming,
personnel manager of Shepherds Bush Housing Association. "If someone was a
disco bunny and regularly calling in sick on Monday their line manager would be
on to them very quickly."

Nearly all staff at the west London housing association are in their 20s and
early 30s.

Steve Wykes, HR director of Racal Industrial Electronics doubts that Sunday
clubbing will catch on. "I think it’s a cultural thing, the UK is very
different from somewhere like Spain where people often go out late on a work
night," he said.

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