Fix the NHS to boost UK competitiveness, urges CBI

new report from the CBI is urging better management of the NHS to help
alleviate the cost of sickness absence to business.

to Business and Healthcare for the 21st Century, sickness absence costs
UK business £11bn a year, although when the cost to Government of statutory
sick pay and welfare payments to the long term sick are added in, the total
bill rises to £23bn.

Cridland, deputy director-general of the CBI, said, "Reducing the cost of
workplace absence should be seen as part of the overall drive to improve

report blasts HR management in the NHS and recommends flexible working
arrangements, better attention to occupational health and enhanced career
development to retain and develop quality staff.

report also calls on employers to invest more in occupational health, rather
than relying on GPs to manage absence for them.

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