Former servicemen and women sue MoD over stress

Ministry of Defence failed to prepare service personnel for the "horrors
of war", it was claimed at the start of a lawsuit at the High Court.

group of ex-servicemen and women are suing the MoD in London because they now
suffer from post-traumatic stress.

for the group, Stephen Irwin QC said the action had nearly 2,000 potential
claimants, but the hearing will centre on 15 "lead" cases.

MoD said it acknowledges that some of its employees suffer trauma, but that it
has adequate procedures for dealing with the problem.

veterans served in the Falklands, Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Gulf War.

of the group say they were not properly prepared for exposure to the terrifying
or horrific experiences of war and that the MoD failed to deal with the
predictable psychological or psychiatric consequences that resulted.

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