Forum tackles social work gap

A council is planning a recruitment and retention seminar to tackle the
shortage of social workers.

Angela Probert, head of personnel at Nottingham City Council, hopes a
discussion of inn- ovative approaches will draw solutions to the problem.

"We cannot just throw money at the issue. Once we get people in we also
want to be able to keep them," Probert explained.

"We know it is an issue we cannot ignore and we need to look at what we
can do positively."

Probert said team leaders, trade union representatives and frontline staff
will be among those invited.

Like many other local authorities, Nottingham is experiencing difficulty
recruiting social workers, although she added it has not yet been forced to
look abroad.

The move comes after the Government told Personnel Today it is considering a
high-profile recruitment campaign, similar to the "No-one Forgets a Good
Teacher" hiring drive.

Earlier this year, Essex County Council said it had turned to South Africa
to find qualified staff because of a lack of UK applicants.

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