Free CD-Rom to help enhance your OHN career

Limited numbers of this month’s Occupational Health feature a free CD-Rom
career guide, supplied by recruitment consultancy OH Recruitment.

Aimed at OH professionals throughout the UK, this electronic guide is
designed to help OH nurses enhance their careers.

It was developed after a recent survey of 300 OH nurses, conducted by OH
Recruitment, found that 44 per cent were unsure where to go for OH courses, and
45 per cent were not sure of the difference between each type of qualification.

The survey also revealed that 53 per cent do not have a good idea of how
their salary compares to others doing a similar job.

As a result of the survey and a number of in-depth interviews, the guide was
produced with the following features: a salary survey, OH course advice,
professional profiles, job hunting guidelines, how to deal with interviews, developing
a career plan, and writing a winning CV.

If you would like to request a PDF copy of the CD-Rom, please send an
e-mail to [email protected]

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