Free Webinar: Resolving Group Conflict in the Workplace

People Resolutions invites HR professionals to join us for a practical look at resolving group conflict in the workplace.

Tuesday 31st January, 3pm-4pm: How to Effectively Resolve Group Conflict in the Workplace

This free webinar will explore the unique dynamics of group conflict within the workplace, identifying key conflict types and drivers of disputes involving multiple parties.  Drawing on real case studies, our conflict experts will guide you through how to recognise group conflict in its varied forms and select the right methods for resolution.

Topics covered include:

·         Group conflict – types, causes and effects

·         Why is group conflict different?

·         Options for resolution available  – which to use and when

·         How can I prevent group conflict happening in the first place?

There will also be a 15 minute Q&A session, during which you’ll be able to quiz our experts and get the answers to your questions.

To register for the webinar, please

For further information call us on 0800 6125 110 or email


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