Gender pay gap still as wide as ever

male-female executive pay gap is as wide as ever, according to a new survey.

survey, carried out during research for an MBA at Bristol Business School,
found that female independent business consultants and interim executives
should scrutinise their remuneration strategies.

around half as many female MBAs as males, 26.6 per cent against 51.8 per cent,
charge between £501 and £900 per day, the average value of 73 per cent of all

female interim executives surveyed deemed it appropriate to charge in the
highest two bands – £901 to £1,100 a day and £1,100 plus. However, 4 per cent
of male interims were charging up to £1,100 a day.

Massey, the senior interim executive who conducted The Interim Manager Survey
report, said: "Considerably more female interims charge less than female ‘other
respondents’ to the survey – consultants in other areas of business – whereas
male interims charge similarly to other male consultants. 

this because female interims are less confident in setting their fees? Do they
have no option but to charge less in a more male-dominated industry so they are
considered for work, or are they reluctant to compare their day rates with
other females in the industry and thus lose touch with their charging

the reason, the analysis indicates that all female independents should review
their charging strategies," Massey added.

By Quentin Reade

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