GMB shows who wears the trousers on dress codes

GMB union is urging employers to consult with staff over the introduction of
potentially discriminatory dress codes.

a new briefing, the GMB warns that firms must ensure uniforms comply with the
law and don’t discriminate against particular groups.

is advising companies to consider the implications that a uniform may have on
sex discrimination, gender reassignment, race and religion, disability, freedom
of expression and cost.

Blissett, regional organiser at the GMB, told companies not to put in place
structures that would place an unacceptable burden on staff.

said, "The main thing is simply to be fair to all staff. Companies must
ensure that they reflect the needs of gender and religion in their

issue surfaced after GMB members at several companies complained that there are
equality issues associated with certain uniforms.

GMB recently negotiated with Securitas to allow female members of staff at
Eurostar to wear trousers after they complained that passengers could see up
their skirts while they were searching for bombs and drugs.

recent ruling by the Equal Opportunities Commission found that women have the
right to wear smart trousers to work as orthodox Sikh and Moslem women are
required to cover their legs.

Ben Willmott

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