Go MAD: The Art of Making a Difference by Andy Gilbert

This self-help book is a delightful and inspiring resource. It is full of questions to stimulate, practical exercises, real-life experiences and quotes to inspire.

go mad

Go MAD: The Art of Making a Difference
By Andy Gilbert
Publisher: Go MAD Books
Pages: 191, Price: £9.99, ISBN 0953728420 Reviewed by Angie Clarke
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The author is managing director and founder of Career Strategies – a values-driven and development consultancy. He is also chairman of educational charity, Go Make a Difference, which helps young people to understand and apply practical success principles.

This book is aimed at those who want to increase their ability to make a difference, to achieve a dream, to escape from a rut or to bring happiness to others, and the author suggests that the secret to making a difference is that there is no secret. There are only successful principles, which anyone can apply.

This book is structured into seven principles, applied by people who have been successful in making a difference. It is not just about doing something differently or for the first time. It is also about making improvements and building on existing knowledge and experiences.

Gilbert has simplified what could be deemed a difficult process. Each chapter takes you through practical processes on why you want to make a difference, defining your goal, planning priorities, having self-belief, involving others and putting this into action. There are many questions to answer as well as time to reflect on your answers.

If you are prepared to follow the simple processes then much of the book is stimulating, well written and valuable. It represents value for money, but – as is always the case – if you are prepared to take responsibility and believe passionately that you can achieve your goals, then you are already half way to succeeding.

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Angie Clarke is director of Woodham-Clarke and Co Training and Development


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