Good-looking staff earn more than fat ugly ones

Ugly, short men earn less than their tall, handsome colleagues, according to research published this week.

Researchers from Guildhall University in London looked at the pay rates of more than 11,000 people aged 33 and found unattractive men were likely to earn 15 per cent less than attractive colleagues.

If average male earnings are £20,000 per annum then an unattractive male will earn £17,000.

Research author Barry Harper, of the department of economics at London Guildhall University said: "We find that attractive people earn more than unattractive people, looks affect men as much as they do women, tall men, but not tall women, earn substantially more than their colleagues and those who are short earn less."

Harper claimed the penalty for ugliness is around –15 per cent for men and –11 per cent for women.

And he claimed prejudice against short, unattractive people was more apparent in some jobs, with attractive or tall men in sales earning 13 per cent and 25 per cent more respectively.

by Richard Staines



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