Gordon Taylor, chief at Professional Footballers’ Association union, paid more than £1m last year

The first £1m-a-year union employee has been revealed in an annual report by watchdog the Certification Officer.

Gordon Taylor, general secretary of the Professional Footballers’ Association, received £1,150,015 in the last recorded 12 months – plus £27,449 in benefits.

The head of GMB breakaway group the AA Democratic Union – Alistair MacLean – earned little over £40,000 last year.

The heads of the two unions that merged to form superunion Unite were on notably different deals.

Transport & General Workers’ Union general secretary Tony Woodley received an annual salary of £80,043 along with £10,221 benefits. His Amicus counterpart Derek Simpson earned £86,927 – plus a whopping £66,410 in benefits.

Elsewhere, Unison boss Dave Prentis received £87,659, plus £29,967 in benefits.

The list will make unhappy reading for the general secretary of the National Union of Flint Glassworkers, who was on just £1,750 per year.

The salaries in the report are those received during the 2006-07 reporting period. Most are for the year ending 31 December 2005, some are more recent or more dated.


Our original story put individual post holders’ names against salary figures. We have now removed these as not all of the figures quoted represent individual salaries. In the case of the GMB in particular, the total amount quoted represents payment to two post holders, including severance pay to the outgoing general secretary, and no single individual earned this amount.

Personnel Today is happy to set the record straight.

At the GMB, £156,000 was in total paid to two post holders, including salary and severance pay to outgoing general secretary.

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