Government backs construction industry recruitment drive

Government is backing National Construction week, aimed at recruiting young
people into the building trade.

industry faces massive skills shortages – particularly in the areas of
carpentry, joinery and bricklaying.

of events are to take place around the to promote careers in the construction

Minister Brian Wilson said that the industry faces a "huge challenge"
in recruiting the 400,000 people it needs over the next five years. "It is
good to see the industry itself acting in such an organised and co-ordinated
way through National Construction Week, with hundreds of activities and events
the length and breadth of Britain," he said.

working together in such ways we can help school leavers understand that they
can build a lasting career in a vital industry which offers excellent rewards
and conditions."

the past decade, the construction workforce has aged with a sharp decline in
the share of 16 – 24 year-olds and some increase in those aged 45 and over.

industry estimates it will need 76,000 new recruits each year between 2002 and
2006 to keep pace with projected construction growth.

Quentin Reade

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