Government backs new strategy to boost auto industry

Government is supporting plans to establish a new automotive academy as part of
a £45 million strategy to boost the car industry through improved design and
production techniques.

proposed academy would take the lead in process improvement activities across
the automotive sector.

strategy, outlined in a report by the Automotive Innovation and Growth Team,
also recommends increased funding for supply chain groups, which support firms
involved in the production of a particular component, to help them work
together across regional boundaries.

recommendations include new centres of excellence to take forward work in key
areas of low carbon and fuel cell technologies and transport telematics and
technologies for sustainable mobility.

of State for Industry Patricia Hewitt said: “Manufacturing companies are at the
forefront of the knowledge-driven economy. Our most successful companies find
that investment in R&D, in the design of innovative products and processes
and in the most modern production plant is delivering them competitive

By Ben

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