Government launches NHS Employers’ Organisation

secretary John Reid today launched the NHS Employers’ Organisation, an
independent body which will have responsibility for a number of workforce
issues including the pay and conditions of all NHS staff.

Government said the new organisation would be the authoritative voice for the
NHS on employment and HR issues.

the new plans, approximately 50 posts will be transferred from the Department
of Health to the Employers Organisation. The posts will cover national pay
policy, disciplinary frameworks, recruitment campaigns and HR communications.

organisation will be run by the NHS Confederation and its main responsibilities
will be to draw together NHS employers’ views on how to implement NHS
employment policy. It will also support the implementation and delivery of
Agenda for Change and the new GP and consultant contracts.

said: “Within the context of government policy and resources, it will have
responsibility for conducting national negotiations on pay and conditions
without interference from Whitehall.

will represent employers’ views and support them through guidance, advice,
information and research. It also has a key role in promoting the NHS as an

Executive of the NHS Confederation, Gill Morgan, said: "We are delighted
to have reached agreement with the Department of Health for the NHS
Confederation to take on the responsibilities of an employers’ organisation for
the NHS.

NHS Employers’ Organisation will be a powerful voice for NHS employers, giving
them responsibility and ownership of the employment agenda for the first time
and increasing their influence with government. It will link the needs of
employers, staff and patients to drive improvements."

By Michael Millar

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