Government moves to back public sector over New Deal

The number of public-sector employers taking part in the New Deal scheme is improving, the Government has insisted.

A recent House of Commons report highlighted a “lack of engagement” by the public sector in the New Deal for Young People.

But ministers said involvement had increased from 1.2 per cent to 1.3 per cent between April and June and that over 4,000 new dealers were working for local councils.

The Government’s participation rate target is 2 per cent.

“There are some excellent examples where the public sector is making strenuous and successful efforts to recruit from the New Deal,” the Government said its response to the Education and Employment Committee report last week.

The committee raised concerns that one in four new dealers end up in short-term jobs.

“Jobs that are not sustained are still of value to the young person,” the Government’s response stated.

“The point of the New Deal is that it increases a young person’s employability.”

By Helena Jones





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