Government publishes gay equality proposals

Government has published proposals to enshrine a legal status for same-sex
relationships, that would extend the rights and responsibilities of gay

a new Civil Partnership scheme those registered would gain legal recognition of
their relationship along with a range of new rights, including joint state

gay couples have no way of being formally recognised, but the new laws would
enable them to make a legal commitment to each other.

number of rights and responsibilities would flow from Civil Partnership
registration to help couples to organise their lives together.

and responsibilities during the partnership might include:

joint state pension benefits

ability to gain parental responsibility for each other’s children

obligation to maintain each other financially.

and responsibilities following the death of one partner might include:

right to register the death of a partner

right to claim a survivor pension;

eligibility for bereavement benefits

compensation for fatal accidents or criminal injuries

recognition under inheritance and intestacy rules

tenancy succession rights.

By Ross Wigham

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