Government seeks to attract social care staff through TV ads

The Government has launched the second phase of a national drive to recruit more people to work in the social care sector.

The campaign highlights the practical support that social care workers provide and aims to attract staff to fill the 50,000 social care posts required nationwide each year.

Research has shown a key obstacle to recruiting social care staff is a lack of public understanding about what they do.

The campaign uses TV and press advertisements with the slogan “Doing the small things that make a big difference” to illustrate the rewards of a career in social care and challenge negative perceptions of the profession.

Health minister, Stephen Ladyman, said last year’s campaign attracted more than 80,000 enquiries. A recent poll found that people who had seen the advertising were more likely to make enquiries about a career in social care.

“Social care work is worthwhile and satisfying, with the flexibility and development opportunities many people are looking for,” he said. or telephone 0845 604 6404.

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