Graduates pesimistic about career prospects

graduates remain unconvinced about their career prospects although they are
studying towards the careers of their choice, according to research.

asked 300 graduates and undergraduates how they perceived the current
employment market and how they planned to fit into it.

per cent of the undergraduates asked whether they planned to get a job directly
related to their area of study responded positively – showing that graduates
are taking a more vocational approach to their studies and plan to use them.

the same undergraduates were asked if they felt optimistic about the current
state of the employment market, opinions were divided with 45 per cent
responding no and 40 per cent saying yes.

survey also asked those who had already graduated whether they, being a year or
so further up the career ladder, are now using their degree qualification as
part of their day-to-day professional responsibility.

overwhelming 59 per cent of graduates now working stated that they do not use their
degree as part of their work – with only 39 per cent stating that they have put
their qualification to some practical use.

By Ben Willmott

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