Guide to the Age Discrimination Regulations 2006

Author: John Sprack
Price: £28
Publisher : Tottel
Pages: 301
ISBN: 1845923073

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This book explains the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 in a very comprehensive manner. It covers in considerable detail: what constitutes age discrimination the scope of the protection justification exceptions (including genuine occupational requirements) recruitment and selection terms and conditions retirement and dismissal pension schemes changes to other legislation enforcement and remedies.

It also contains the full text of the regulations, plus the European directive on which they are based, so would make an excellent reference book.

It is written by a barrister, so may seem heavy-going for some. And the marketing material that accompanies the book cites five reasons why legal advisers need a copy of it, which suggests quite strongly that the intended audience is not junior HR, but their managers and advisers.

Being something of an employment law devotee, I found it very useful. You certainly cannot come away from reading this book and not know what constitutes direct and indirect discrimination, harassment, liability and victimisation. It also tells you how to avoid all of the above by ensuring your policies and practices eliminate them.

Useful? Five out of five stars
Well-written? Five out of five stars
Practical? Four out of five stars
Inspirational? Two out of five stars
Value for money? Five out of five stars
Overall? Four out of five stars

Reviewed by Barbara Stannard, personnel manager

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