Guides aim to improve work and services

guidelines to tackle bullying and harassment and promote family-friendly
working among NHS trusts in Scotland have been launched by health minister
Susan Deacon.

six guidelines, drawn up in partnership with staff, NHS managers, trade unions
and professional organisations, aim to improve the working lives of Scotland’s
130,000 staff and enhance patient services.

guidelines also include proposals to upgrade staff appraisals, help staff
representatives take time off work to carry out their duties and help resolve
workplace disputes.

said, "We must do more to recognise that we have 100,000 women employees
in the NHS in Scotland, many in the nursing profession.

out of five of those nurses are also mums or carers. That means more flexible
childcare facilities, more crèches in our hospitals and more flexible working

Scully, HR director for the South Glasgow University Hospitals NHS Trust, said,
"With each guideline there is something new for the service to take
forward and monitor its progress.

"When Susan Deacon launched the guidelines it was made
clear that the profile of staff governance would be raised considerably."

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