Gulf between employers and staff over working conditions

There is a massive gulf in the opinions of employers and
employees over working conditions and remuneration.

A survey by recruitment agency Office Team reveals that
although more than three-quarters of employers say they give private
healthcare, only 52 per cent of staff agree.

Seven out of ten employers claim they offer contributory pensions
but only 50 per cent of staff think they benefit from one.

Thirty eight per cent of those surveyed believe they are in
the wrong job, but only 10 per cent of UK employers think their staff are badly
suited to their jobs.

According to employers across a variety of sectors including
manufacturing, media and IT, staff work an average of 5.8 hours overtime, yet
employees claim they work 7.3 hours.

The survey finds that one of the few areas that employers
and staff agree upon is that money is not the deciding in factor in whether people
enjoy their jobs or not.

Only eight per cent of employees enjoy their jobs purely
because of their wage level, and only 10 per cent of employers cent believe
that increased wages would lead to staff becoming happier.

A total of 2,247 people were interviewed in March 2001.

By Karen
Higginbottom. Click here to respond


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