Gulf between men and women still exists on importance of perks

and women are as far apart as ever when it comes to what they want from their
employers, according to a survey.

cars, gym membership and luncheon vouchers all top the male wish list, while
women are more concerned with creche facilities, paternity leave and family
friendly policies.

survey was conducted by Virgin Direct and the findings highlight the wide gulf
between the sexes over what perks they value.

out of 10 women want employers to provide childcare services, compared to 47
per cent of men, and women are also more likely to rate paid paternity leave
higher than men.

staff think of health and life insurance as more important than women do, and
48 per cent would like a company car, compared to just 35 per cent of women.

sexes cite pension contributions as the most important benefit provided by an

working is also universally popular, with 86 per cent of women and 79 per cent
of men considering it an important perk.

Ross Wigham

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