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Spray-your-own is not the answer

Guru is always interested in the innovative methods companies use to drum up
business as the economic downturn begins to bite but he was a little shocked to
hear about the approach taken by one Swedish firm.

Orebro, which specialises in removing graffiti, has admitted spraying
buildings to create work when its workload started declining.

The firm’s owner and his employees used to get drunk in the evenings and
then take to the streets with spray paint to give themselves something to do at
work the next day.

Police eventually caught the miscreants and they have been charged with causing
malicious damage to property.

Guru has painted the town red on many occasions himself and he knows from
experience that the end results are seldom pretty.

Taking Steps to judge if kinky slur is correct

Pop group Steps have upset members of
the nursing profession with the video for their latest single Chain Reaction.

The female members of the group appear dressed in nurses’
uniforms complete with white stiletto heels and plunging necklines.

A member of The International Council of Nurses has accused the
band of exploiting nurses by making them seem "kinky and stupid".

Guru has not yet seen the video but he is making every effort
to get one as soon as possible – but only so he can join the debate and make an
objective and informed professional contribution.

Submissive pets only need apply

Guru has always had a soft spot for pets so he applauded last
week’s Take Your Dog to Work Day.

The event, which was supported by a number of major firms
including BT, Nat-West, HSBC and Eurostar was organised by the Blue Cross,
which claims that having a pet in the office reduces stress and can lower blood

Guru remembers the fun his pet ducks Horris, Borris and Dorris
(true) used to give him as a boy so he is more than prepared to believe that
animals in the workplace are an excellent idea.

Except perhaps in Thailand. Last week one rabid dog went on the
rampage in Bangkok and bit 50 commuters and shoppers.

Bus service fails to measure up

Investing in new equipment so staff can provide customers with
a better service is a vital part of running any successful business.

Bus company Arriva North West got one half of the equation
right when it invested £70m in a fleet of new busesto serve the people

Unfortunately it is arguable whether the investment has
resulted in an improved service because the 70 brand new single-decker DAF
buses are too wide to go through the toll booths at the Liverpool to Birkenhead

The first driver equipped with the new bus who tried to use the
tunnel had to take his passengers on an eight-and-a-half mile detour.

A spokesman for Arriva said the new DAF bus had to be used at
short notice when the scheduled bus for the tunnel route broke down,

She extended her apologises to customers for the detour.

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