Guru’s Foreign Briefing

It has to be remembered that no-one does fair play quite like the British. Even the most outrageous line call during a crucial moment in a game of lawn tennis will go unchallenged by the average plucky Brit, keen to promote harmony and brotherly love.

Sadly it is not so abroad. The riots that ensued over the party elections in Hungary are but the tip of the iceburg. Ever heard of a chap called George W Bush? Well he got into power in terribly dubious circumstances and he claims to be the leader of the free world.

So don’t be surprised if this attitude spills over into office politics when you’re negotiating around the foreign board table. There will be back-stabbing, lies and other forms of unpleasantness which you will have to take in your stride.

Just grit your teeth and dream of dear old Blighty where our political leaders always think about the good of the country and never allow personal agendas to get in the way. No ill-words, no deviousness and no back-handed tomfoolery. Quite literally politically correct, one might say.


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