Guru: Candidate had a fertile imagination

And still the wailing and gnashing of teeth stimulated by appalling interviews reverberate across this green and pleasant land.

Disciple Andy sends these titbits, together with a caveat:

Dear Guru,

Having read a few amusing anecdotes about people’s recruitment woes, I thought I would send in a few of my own. All are completely true…

When asked in an interview to describe himself in one word, the candidate replied “volatile”.

When asked in an interview to describe a difficult situation he had found himself in and how he dealt with it, the candidate (aged 18) replied “that would be when I had to visit my 15-year-old girlfriend’s devoutly religious parents and tell them that she was pregnant”.

Please note that this is sent in a personal capacity and is in no way connected with my employer. I do not wish any reference to my employer to be published.

Disciple Andy

While Guru is happy to respect Andy’s request, he’s not convinced his employer wasn’t involved. The phrase “the lady doth protest too much” springs to mind.

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