Help set new standards in e-learning

The European Institute for E-learning (EIfEL) is inviting companies to
contribute to the development of e-learning standards.

Based in France, the pan-European institute aims to create a set of competence
standards covering all functions required for e-learning, and a set of
qualifications based on standards to be provided by the institute or other
organisations accredited by EIfEL.

Serge Ravet, head of EIfEL said: "We have had excellent feedback from
partners in different European countries. In the UK we have organised a
positive focus group to discuss standards with UFI, Edexcel, e-skills UK,
London Learning, ALT and MRS Consulting."

EIfEL also wants to cultivate an environment for continuing professional
development via an e-learning standards database, and an e-portfolio to keep a
record of an individual’s professional development.

So far, EIfEL has defined five key domains of e-learning standards:

– Provide strategies and leadership for individual and organisational

– Manage organisational learning and knowledge

– Provide learning services, infrastructure and resources to organisations

– Foster and provide support to learning

– Learning in an e-learning environment

Those who wish to participate can register on the EIfEL website.
Participation in the project will involve reviewing drafts of the standards and
piloting them to assess staff, and to design or assess training programmes.


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