Help us to help you to beat the bullies at work

Personnel Today and anti-bullying charity The Andrea Adams Trust are joining
forces to investigate the prevalence and effect of bullying at work.

We investigated the issue five years ago and uncovered a grim picture of harassment
and intimidation in the workplace. Anecdotal evidence suggests the problem has
worsened, and, combined with data collated over the past five years, the new
survey will give us the hard evidence to see whether this is the case.

Lyn Witheridge, chief executive of The Andrea Adams Trust, said that in the
past five years there has been a large shift in the perceptions of people
towards bullying at work.

"Personnel officers are at the forefront of dealing with bullying
behaviour and this survey is necessary to understand current trends on the
prevalence of workplace bullying, how it’s being dealt with and where the
problems lie," she said.

"The analysis of the data will give a very important insight into UK
workplace culture and will be one of the largest and most reliable surveys ever
done on HR professionals in terms of bullying at work.

"With the Government now funding anti-bullying initiatives, we want
this data to help us focus on the key issues that HR professionals are facing
with staff affected by bullying," Witheridge said.

"The way HR deals with these issues is pivotal. To get the most
representative data, as many HR professionals as possible must participate in
this survey," she added.

To take part in our survey visit

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