High-tech tools increasingly used to screen applicants

departments are increasingly using high-tech assessment methods when
recruiting, according to a poll of 8,000 jobseekers and 250 HR professionals.

than half the HR professionals, polled by recruitment firm Reed Consulting, are
using recruitment assessment tools more than they did three years ago.

psychometric tests and competency-based interviews are the top three assessment
methods favoured by the profession.

questionnaires, work simulations and group exercises are also becoming more
common, along with role-play, verbal comprehension, IQ and intelligence tests,
maths and logic tests and graphology and handwriting analysis.

a third of the 8,000 jobseekers said assessments make them feel better about
the organisation they are applying to, regardless of whether or not they get
the job. However, many remain deeply suspicious about the benefits of testing.

tougher labour market, with more people fighting for fewer jobs, is thought to
be the main reason for the testing trend.

of Reed Consulting, chartered psychologist Laura Frith, said: "These days,
managers have a greater appreciation of how assessment tools can help select
the best candidate.

is increasingly important to get this right – especially when so many
applicants have apparently similar skills."

Nic Paton

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