Highest-ever figures recorded for women in work

have seen a continuous improvement in their position in the UK labour market
over the last decade, with employment at the highest-ever level, according to
National Statistics.

March issue of Labour Markets Trends reports the employment rate for working-age
women was 69.3 per cent at last measure (in spring 2001).

figure is the highest ever recorded, but still noticeably lower than the 79.3
per cent rate for working men, stated the report.

differential between men and women is now under 10 percentage points – compared
with 14 points in spring 1991.

all, 43 per cent of employed women work part time, compared to eight per cent
of men.

report said the presence of dependent children influenced figures. The
percentage of women with dependent children employed was 53.9, compared to 72.2

workers are still concentrated in a narrow range of occupations: 50 per cent of
women are employed in administrative, secretarial, personal service, sales or
customer service occupations, compared to 12 per cent of men.

By Quentin Reade

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