Hindu temple hosts Met recruitment day

Europe’s largest Hindu temple has played host to a Metropolitan Police
recruitment drive, as part of the process to increase the number of officers
from ethnic minority backgrounds.

The Met’s Positive Action Team held the recruitment day at the Shri Swaminarayan
Mandir temple in Neasden, to encourage young Hindus to think about a career in
the police.

Inspector Mark Weaver, head of recruitment at PAT, said the initiative would
improve community policing and encourage minority groups to join the service.
"The main thrust of the event is educational, to inform the younger
members of the Hindu community to consider a career in policing and for us to
allay any of their concerns.

"Only by making the police service more representative of the various
cultures in London are we going to reduce the fears and uncertainties in
relation to the Met," he said.

The temple recruitment drive follows a range of activities to encourage
recruits from ethnic minorities, which includes sponsorship of the Chinese New
Year, tours of ethnic communities and visits to Bollywood cinemas.

The Met currently has 1,321 (4.9 per cent) of its officers from visibly
ethnic minority groups but the Home Office has set a target of 25 per cent by

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