Home Office launches Anti-social Behaviour Academies

workers and community leaders across London will be trained to tackle
anti-social behaviour in their communities.

from the police, councils, courts and other organisations, will attend the Home
Office’s Anti-social Behaviour Academies, which aim to improve their responses
by providing the knowledge and support to deal with the problem.

part of the Government’s ‘Together’ campaign to clamp down on anti-social
behaviour, staff will learn how to best deal with problems such as graffiti,
abandoned cars, people begging next to cash-points, noise and nuisance

Robin Wales, chair of the Association of London Government, said the academies
are an ideal way to pass on examples of good practice and learn from the work
of others.

Together Actionline phone number provides expert advice and support to help
transform the approach of those tackling anti-social behaviour across the
country. Call on 0870 220 2000.

By Michael Millar

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