Home Office reaches agreement with police over pay reforms

Office David Blunkett has reached a deal with police officers over the reform
of the pay and overtime structure which includes reducing overtime by 15 per
cent over the next three years.

the scheme, aimed at achieving a better work-life balance for officers, forces
that meet the 15 per cent reduction in over time target will be rewarded with
extra officers.

rest days have also been reduced from a maximum eight-day cycle to five days.

officers will receive £400 on top of their basic salary from April 2003 and the
constable pay scale is to be changed to allow officers to earn more.

£1,000 competency pay is to be introduced, and the Home Office expects that
three quarters of staff will be eligible.

officers working in the most difficult jobs, an annual payment of up to £3,000 will
be available. Bonus payments of up to £500 for outstanding work will also also
on offer.

will have the power to sack officers whose poor attendance does not improve.

said: “Rank and file police officers do a superb job and they deserve not to
have to work excessive hours as a result of poor management. Now we are
recruiting record numbers of police officers I am determined to keep them.

package provides reward for reform. We will ensure that the extra financial
rewards for those at the sharp end of policing and the competency-related
payments are delivered fairly.”

By Paul Nelson

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