Hospitality and tourism want to bid for own SSC

Employers in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries are calling for
the Government to recognise their importance to the UK by allowing them to bid
for their own dedicated Sector Skills Council.

The Hospitality Training Foundation believes that employers within the three
sectors will suffer a staff training and development shortfall if they fail to
secure their own SSC.

It claims that a successful bid will give the hospitality, travel and
tourism industries a powerful voice in government and the resources to follow
through an imaginative approach to education and training.

John Brackenbury, chairman of the steering committee behind the industry,
said: "The economic clout of hospitality and tourism alongside themanpower
and skills shortages in our sector make it imperative that we should have our
own SSC with the resources, budget and voice to address these issues."

He added: "If the Government were to decide against us we, as
employers, would face the very real threat of an education and training
framework that does not take our needs into account."

A formal expression of interest was due to be submitted to the Government’s
Sector Skills Development Agency yesterday (15 April).

If approved, the SSDA will award a contract to the steering committee to
prepare a detailed development plan.

If accepted, an SSC could be in place by September.

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