Hours law guidance delay

Employers are having trouble getting hold of the long-awaited guidance on
the Working Time regulations issued by the DTI at the end of March.

As Personnel Today went to press David Yeandle, deputy director of
employment policy at the Engineering Employers ‘Federation, said he was still
awaiting copies of the guidance ordered almost a month ago on 5 April.

As soon as Yeandle learnt they were available, he ordered 100 copies to send
to EEF regional associations to advise their 5,400 member companies.

Although he received 100 copies of an A4 leaflet and a 12-page summary, he
is still waiting for the comprehensive guides.

"The issues the guidance is most needed on, such as examples of people
who are excluded from the 48-hour limit, is covered only in the long
guidance," he said. "This is another example of the DTI not


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