Hours wasted on non-work emails

workers are wasting hours of their time every day by flirting and organising
their social lives on-line, a survey claims.

admit they spend at least two-and-a-half hours a day using e-mail for personal
reasons when they should be working.

to the survey of 500 people by edesigns.co.uk, men are more likely to flirt
electronically, while women prefer to plan their social lives.

than a quarter of men surveyed use e-mail to flirt, 18 per cent use it to
gossip about other members of staff, 16 per cent e-mail friends from outside
work and 13 per cent forward pornographic web links.

a third of women use e-mail to plan their social lives, 18 per cent to contact
siblings, 15 per cent gossip electronically and only 13 per cent flirt via

Ben Willmott

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