How Apprenticeships can work for you

For an apprentice, an Apprenticeship isn’t just a job; it’s the first step towards a long-term career. Your business could be one of thousands across Britain that have benefited so far from training an apprentice.

Employers tell us that Apprenticeships help you retain motivated people to help your business stay ahead:

“We are judged by how we treat our customers in the home and that, of course, rests with our 7,000 engineers, many of whom begin as apprentices. The advantage of running our courses in-house is that we can instil our own core values, the most important one being our commitment to customer care” British Gas

Over the next five years, 50 per cent of British Gas engineering recruits will be coming from Apprenticeships.

“Having a highly trained, quality workforce undoubtedly has major business benefits. There are high levels of satisfaction and confidence in both our workmanship and customer service, and increased skills help minimise wastage of electrical materials.” Clarkson Evans Ltd.

Around 70 per cent of Clarkson Evans’ Apprentices have remained with the company.

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