HR calls for block on temporary staff rights directive

60 per cent of HR professionals want the UK to block EU legislation to give
temporary staff the rights to the same remuneration as full-time staff.

survey finds that almost 30 per cent of HR professionals would reduce the
number of temporary staff they employ if the planned EU directive became law.
The directive also proposes that temporary staff would be entitled to the same
benefits and share schemes as full-time staff.

than half of respondents would consider employing temporary staff directly and
33 per cent anticipate using full-time cover staff to fill gaps.

Tata, an employment lawyer and partner at DMH, which carried out the survey,
said: "Employers in the UK use proportionately the greatest percentage of
agency staff within the EU. It is clear that businesses will need to encourage
the Government to take their interests and concerns on board with regards to
details of any final directive in this area.

real question is whether the anticipated reduction in the use of agency staff
will actually create a corresponding increase in permanent jobs. This survey
shows this will not necessarily result from these changes.

By Ben

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