HR fails to assess recruitment costs

Most HR departments are unsophisticated in the way they assess the
efficiency and costs of recruitment, according to research by recruitment firm

Its study finds 38 per cent of organisations do not produce any reports on
recruitment activity.

The report, based on a survey of 58 companies, also finds that only 8 per
cent have any competitor benchmark and just over half measure quality of hire.

Zebra managing director David Bevan said HR must measure the cost and
effectiveness of recruitment if it is to be taken seriously at board level.
"HR in the UK has a long way to go if it is to position itself assertively
on the board. Lack of accountability and visibility leads to a perception of
cost and low-added value.

"It is up to HR to drive up the perceived value of recruitment through
clear reporting based on sensible, benchmarked metrics," he said.

The research also finds that the lack of data tracking of critical processes
is leaving firms open to legal action under the Data Protection Act.

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