HR practice helps Tube hit time targets

London Underground has cut the number of peak-time train cancellations by
reducing absenteeism and boosting the recruitment of drivers.

Train cancellations during busy times have been reduced from 433 over a
four-week period in January to 365 in April and 70 in June – much better than
LU’s target of 118.

Paul Kilius-Smith, reliability programme manager for LU, said this success
was due to increased recruitment, improved attendance and more efficient
deployment of staff.

A recruitment drive, which generates 45 new drivers every four weeks, is on
schedule to boost the number of train operators by 113 by the end of March next

Kilius-Smith said a more consistent approach to attendance management,
including return-to-work interviews and on-going staff health education, has
improved attendance from 93 per cent in April to nearly 95 per cent last week.

An attendance bonus scheme introduced by the company which offered operators
£250 if they attended 100 per cent of their shifts between June and August also
looks like being a success.

In addition, LU has reorganised the way it deploys its spare staff so that
they are used more efficiently.

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